Italian Word: un'
English Meaning: a, an (feminine singular; used before a vowel or an h)

Example Sentences:

Un viaggio in Italia può essere un'esperienza affascinante.
A trip to Italy can be a fascinating experience.
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Mi è venuta un'idea.
I have an idea.
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Vuoi un'arancia o una mela?
Do you want an orange or an apple?
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Ti ho mandato un'email, l'hai ricevuta?
I've sent you an email, did you get it?
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La camorra è un'organizzazione mafiosa localizzata a Napoli.
The Camorra is a mafia organisation located in Naples.
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Ogni tanto, ricordando la mia giovinezza, provo un'intensa tristezza.
From time to time, remembering my youth, I feel intense sadness.
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Faresti meglio a prendere un'aspirina per alleviare il dolore.
You had better take an aspirin to ease the pain.
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Related Words:


1. a, an (feminine singular) 2. one

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