Italian Word: me
English Meaning: me
German Meaning: mich, mir

Example Sentences:

Ti va di venire con me al cinema sabato?
Would you like to go to the cinema with me on Saturday?
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Ti va di venire da me a guardare un film sabato prossimo?
Would you like to come around and watch a movie next Saturday?
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Smetti di fumare a fianco a me. Mi stai nauseando!
Stop smoking beside me. You're making me sick!
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Non è facile perdonare ciò che hai detto su di me.
It's not easy to forgive you for what you said about me.
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Qualcuno ha lasciato un messaggio per me?
Did somebody leave a message for me?
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Non scaricare le tue frustrazioni su di me!
Don't take out your frustrations on me!
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Mio cugino è più grande di me di tre anni.
My cousin is three years older than I.
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