Italian Word: mai
English Meaning: 1. never (only with "non") 2. ever
German Meaning: nie

Example Sentences:

Non dimenticherò mai il giorno in cui mi sono sposato.
I will never forget the day I got married.
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Il pugile tentò di colpire più volte l'avversario, senza mai riuscirci veramente.
The boxer tried to hit his opponent several times, without ever really succeeding.
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Mio marito non mette mai la cravatta, nonostante gli doni molto.
My husband never wears a tie, although it suits him very well.
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Non sono mai stato in Vietnam.
I have never been to Vietnam.
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Hai mai preso una multa?
Have you ever got a ticket?
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Non riuscirò mai a capire le regole dell'alta finanza!
I will never understand the rules of high finance!
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Mia moglie non dimentica mai niente, ha la memoria di un elefante.
My wife never forgets anything, she has the memory of an elephant.
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