Italian Word: sul
English Meaning: on the
German Meaning: auf

Example Sentences:

Quale sistema operativo usi sul tuo computer?
Which operating system do you use on your computer?
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Il vaso è sul tavolo della cucina.
The vase is on the kitchen table.
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Il gatto dorme sempre sul divano.
The cat always sleeps on the sofa.
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Il mio gatto non fa altro che dormire tutto il giorno sul divano!
My cat does nothing but sleep on the couch all day long!
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L'ingresso è sul lato est della casa.
The entrance is on the east side of the house.
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Non so come configurare il programma sul mio computer.
I don't know how to configure the programme on my computer.
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Il suo progetto ha un vantaggio sul mio.
His plan has one advantage over mine.
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Related Words:


1. on, about 2. out of, in (probability)

Here: on, about

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the (masculine singular)

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