Italian Word: Milano f.
English Meaning: Milan (city in Italy)
German Meaning: Mailand
Spanish Meaning: Milán
French Meaning: Milan

Example Sentences:

Io studio all'Università di Milano.
I study at the University of Milan.
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Abito a Milano in via Verdi 18.
My address is 18, Verdi Road, Milan.
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L'anno prossimo sarò operata alla laringe all'ospedale di Milano.
Next year I'll have larynx surgery at Milan General Hospital.
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Il cielo su Milano è sempre grigio a causa dello smog.
The sky over Milan is always grey because of pollution.
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Ci sono molti graffiti a Milano.
There is a lot of graffiti in Milan.
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Milano è una delle città italiane più ricche.
Milan is one of the richest cities in Italy.
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