Italian Word: partita f.
Plural: partite
English Meaning: game, match
German Meaning: Spiel, Partie

Example Sentences:

La partita è tra Juventus e Chelsea.
The match is between Juventus and Chelsea.
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I ragazzi stanno guardando una partita di calcio.
The boys are watching a football game.
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Tutto il villaggio andò a guardare la partita.
The entire village went to watch the game.
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Non può giocare la partita a causa di un infortunio alla caviglia.
He can't play in the match because of an ankle injury.
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Ti piacerebbe giocare un'altra partita di backgammon?
Would you like to play another game of backgammon?
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Perderanno la partita.
They will lose the game.
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