Italian Word: rifiutare
English Meaning: to reject, to refuse
German Meaning: ablehnen
Spanish Meaning: rechazar
French Meaning: refuser

Word Forms: rifiuta, rifiutata, rifiutato, rifiutava

Example Sentences:

Gli ho offerto un lavoro, ma l'ha rifiutato.
I offered him a job, but he refused it.
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Ti farò un'offerta che non potrai rifiutare.
I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
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Perché la mia domanda è stata rifiutata?
Why was my application rejected?
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La sua offerta di un aiuto finanziario fu rifiutata.
His offer to help financially was turned down.
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Si rifiuta di obbedirmi.
He will not obey me.
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La sua carta di credito è stata rifiutata. Ne ha un'altra?
Your credit card has been declined. Do you have another one?
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È stato difficile da capire ma ha rifiutato l'offerta.
It was difficult to understand but he rejected the offer.
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