Italian Word: treno m.
Plural: treni
English Meaning: train
German Meaning: Zug
Spanish Meaning: el tren
French Meaning: train

Example Sentences:

Ho dovuto aspettare a lungo che arrivasse il treno.
I had to wait a long time for the train to arrive.
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Il treno parte dalla stazione centrale.
The train leaves from the central station.
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Qualcuno ha dimenticato il cappotto sul treno.
Someone forgot their coat on the train.
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È già partito il treno?
Did the train leave already?
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Quando parte il prossimo treno per Roma?
When does the next train to Rome leave?
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Non viaggio spesso in aereo perché è più economico prendere il treno.
I don't fly often, because it's cheaper by train.
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Lo sciopero coinvolge il cinquanta per cento dei treni.
Fifty percent of the trains are affected by the strike.
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