Italian Word: uno
English Meaning: 1. one 2. a, an (masculine singular)
German Meaning: einer, eine

Word Forms: 1

Example Sentences:

Michelangelo fu uno scultore importante.
Michelangelo was an important sculptor.
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La Bibbia è uno dei libri più letti al mondo.
The Bible is one of the most read books in the world.
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Tutti hanno uno scheletro nell'armadio.
Everybody has a skeleton in the cupboard.
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Dovresti consultare uno specialista.
You should consult a specialist.
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L'arpa è uno dei simboli dell'Irlanda.
The harp is one of the symbols of Ireland.
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La banana è uno dei frutti più consumati al mondo.
Banana is one of the most consumed fruit of the world.
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In casi del genere sarebbe consigliabile consultare uno specialista.
In such cases it would be recommendable to consult a specialist.
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Related Words:


1. a, an (masculine singular) 2. one

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