Italian Word: passare
English Meaning: 1. to pass 2. to go by 3. to spend 4. to pass (e.g. exam)
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Word Forms: passa, passami, passando, passarmi, passati, passato, passerà, passerai, passeranno, passiamo, passò

Example Sentences:

Paul passa troppo tempo davanti alla televisione.
Paul spends too much time in front of the television.
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Mi piacerebbe proprio sapere cosa ti passa per la testa certe volte!
I'd really like to know what's on your mind sometimes!
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Sono talmente stanca che potrei passare l'intera giornata a letto!
I‘m so tired I could spend the whole day in bed!
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Ho passato tutta la mattina a riordinare la tua stanza!
I spent the whole morning tidying up your bedroom!
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Passami il sugo, per favore.
Please pass the gravy to me.
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Sono certo che passerà l'esame.
I'm certain that he will pass the test.
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Il tempo passa così velocemente.
Time passes so quickly.
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