Italian Word: tuo
Feminine: tua
Plural: tuoi
Plural (Feminine): tue
English Meaning: your
German Meaning: deine, deiner
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Example Sentences:

Grazie mille per il tuo aiuto.
Thanks a lot for your help.
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Quale sistema operativo usi sul tuo computer?
Which operating system do you use on your computer?
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Sono stufo del tuo comportamento.
I'm fed up with your behaviour.
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Congratulazioni per i tuoi risultati!
Congratulations on your good results!
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Penso che il tuo piano presenti più svantaggi che vantaggi.
I think that your plan presents more disadvantages than advantages.
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Sono stata davvero contenta di ricevere la tua email.
I was really happy to get your email.
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Cerca di vivere la tua vita senza assillarti troppo con le opinioni altrui.
Try to live your life without pestering yourself too much with someone else's opinions.
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