Italian Word: buono
Feminine: buona
Plural: buoni
Plural (Feminine): buone
English Meaning: good
German Meaning: gut

Word Forms: buon

Example Sentences:

Se studi avrai buoni voti.
If you study you will get good grades.
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Il cibo è buono, ma non ho fame.
The food is good, but I'm not hungry.
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Per preparare una buona pizza bisogna usare salsa di pomodoro fresco.
To prepare a good pizza you have to use fresh tomato sauce.
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Il giudice ha una buona reputazione.
The judge has a good reputation.
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Quel cameriere merita una buona mancia.
That waiter deserves a good tip.
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È sempre più difficile trovare un buon meccanico di questi tempi!
It's getting more and more difficult to find a good mechanic nowadays!
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Ci sono dei buoni ristoranti o negozi nella zona?
Are there any good restaurants or shops nearby?
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