Italian Word: topo m.
Plural: topi
English Meaning: mouse, rat (animal)
German Meaning: Maus
Spanish Meaning: el ratón
French Meaning: souris

Example Sentences:

Ho molta paura dei topi e dei ragni.
I'm really scared of mice and spiders.
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Tentammo di catturare il topo con un piccolo pezzo di formaggio.
We tried to catch the mouse with a little piece of cheese.
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Il gatto sta inseguendo il topo.
The cat is chasing the mouse.
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Le volpi si nutrono di una grande varietà di cibi: frutta, topi, uccelli, insetti e scoiattoli.
Foxes eat a wide variety of foods, such as fruits, mice, birds, insects and squirrels.
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