Italian Word: si
English Meaning: oneself, himself, herself, itself, each other
German Meaning: sich selbst, einander

Example Sentences:

Il mio gatto si arrampica sugli alberi.
My cat climbs trees.
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Si devono rispettare le idee altrui.
One must respect the ideas of others.
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Ha fatto un incidente in auto e si è rotto la gamba.
He had a car accident and broke his leg.
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Si dice che quel guru indiano sia capace di leggere i pensieri degli altri.
That Indian guru is said to be able to read the thoughts of others.
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Le tartarughe si muovono molto lentamente.
Tortoises move very slowly.
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Dalle olive si ottiene il migliore olio.
The best oil is extracted from olives.
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La famiglia reale si trova a Londra.
The royal family is in London.
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