Italian Word: scuola f.
Plural: scuole
English Meaning: school
German Meaning: Schule
Spanish Meaning: la escuela
French Meaning: école

Example Sentences:

Il latino è insegnato in molte scuole ma non lo usa quasi nessuno.
Latin is still taught in many schools but almost nobody uses it.
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La mia scuola è molto selettiva e prestigiosa.
My school is very selective and prestigious.
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La scuola si trova in una posizione centrale.
The school is in a central location.
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La scuola che ho frequentato da bambino è stata completamente ristrutturata.
The school I attended when I was a child has been completely renovated.
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Che tipo di università ti piacerebbe frequentare quando avrai finito la scuola?
Which kind of university would you like to attend when you'll be finished with school?
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Mio figlio ha frequentato una scuola parificata.
My son attended a state-recognised private school.
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Vorrei lavorare in una scuola di lingue ed insegnare ai bambini.
I'd like to work in a language school and teach children.
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