Italian Word: università f.
English Meaning: university, college
German Meaning: Universität
Spanish Meaning: la universidad
French Meaning: université

Example Sentences:

Io studio all'Università di Milano.
I study at the University of Milan.
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La mia migliore amica studia ginecologia all'università.
My best friend is studying gynaecology at university.
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Che tipo di università ti piacerebbe frequentare quando avrai finito la scuola?
Which kind of university would you like to attend when you'll be finished with school?
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Questa università ha una mensa.
This university has a canteen.
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Tutto sommato raccomanderei questa università.
All things considered I recommend this university.
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Questa è l'università più prestigiosa del paese.
This is the country's most prestigious university.
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Voglio studiare geologia all'università.
I want to study geology in college.
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