Italian Word: se
English Meaning: 1. if 2. himself, herself 3. whether
German Meaning: falls, ob

Example Sentences:

Se studi avrai buoni voti.
If you study you will get good grades.
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Non lo farei, se fossi in te.
I wouldn't do it, if I were you.
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Se vai a Mosca, ti consiglio di visitare la Cattedrale.
If you go to Moscow, I recommend you visit the Cathedral.
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Se non ti copri come si deve, finirai con l'ammalarti.
If you don't cover yourself properly, you will end up getting sick.
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Se non ti decidi a rispettare la legge, avrai presto dei grossi guai.
If you're not resolved to respect the law, you're going to be in big trouble soon.
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Gli hanno ingessato il braccio perché se l'è rotto.
They put his arm in plaster because he broke it.
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Se non ci sbrighiamo, perderemo l'autobus e dovremo andare a piedi.
If we don't hurry, we will miss the bus and have to walk.
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