Italian Word: col
English Meaning: with the
German Meaning: mit der

Example Sentences:

Il Cile confina a nord col Perù e a est con l'Argentina.
Chile borders Peru to the north and Argentina to the east.
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Volevo uscire col cane, ma piove forte.
I wanted to go out with the dog, but it's raining heavily.
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In Italia beviamo il tè col limone quando non stiamo bene.
In Italy we drink tea with lemon when we don't feel well.
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Il mio incontro di oggi col direttore è stato veramente spiacevole.
My meeting today with the director was really unpleasant.
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Ogni mattina il vicino mi sveglia col suo jodel!
Every morning my neighbor wakes me up with yodeling!
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La nascita dell'universo ha avuto inizio col big bang.
The birth of the universe started with the big bang.
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