Italian Word: paese m.
Plural: paesi
English Meaning: 1. country 2. village
German Meaning: 1. Land (Staat) 2. Dorf

Example Sentences:

Ogni paese ha le proprie usanze.
Every nation has its own customs.
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Il signor Green ha visitato il nostro paese.
Mister Green visited our village.
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Quei due paesi sono in guerra da anni.
Those two countries have been in a war for years.
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Il Pakistan è un paese molto religioso.
Pakistan is a very religious country.
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La pena di morte è ancora in vigore in molti paesi.
The death penalty is still in use in many countries.
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L'aborto è illegale in molti paesi.
Abortion is illegal in many countries.
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La Malesia è un paese asiatico.
Malaysia is an Asian country.
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