Italian Word: ci
English Meaning: 1. us 2. here 3. about it 4. it (impersonal) 5. there 6. each other
German Meaning: 1. uns 2. hier, dort

Word Forms: c, c'

Example Sentences:

Non ci piace parlare di politica.
We don't like talking about politics.
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Non c'è guadagno senza fatica.
There is no gain without work.
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Nel nostro sistema solare ci sono 8 pianeti.
There are 8 planets in our solar system.
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Ci starà questo in valigia?
Will this fit into the suitcase?
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Quella domenica mattina al parco c'erano centinaia di coccinelle.
There were hundreds of ladybirds that sunday morning at the park.
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C'è troppo traffico oggi in città.
There is too much traffic in town today.
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Domani ci sposteremo più a nord.
Tomorrow we will move further north.
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