Italian Word: bene
English Meaning: 1. well, fine 2. good (noun)
German Meaning: gut

Word Forms: be', ben, benissimo

Example Sentences:

Non mi sento bene.
I don't feel well.
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Grazie a Dio il mio esame è andato bene.
Thank God my exam went well.
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Buonanotte, tesoro. Dormi bene!
Good night, sweetheart. Sleep tight!
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È un bene sapere cucinare.
It's good to know how to cook.
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L'orologio del nonno funziona ancora molto bene.
The grandfather clock still works very well.
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Non mi sento molto bene oggi, ho mal di schiena.
I don't feel very well today, I've got back pain.
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Non parlo tedesco molto bene, ma riesco a farmi capire.
I don't speak German very well, but I can make myself understood.
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