Italian Word: pane m.
English Meaning: bread
German Meaning: Brot
Spanish Meaning: el pan
French Meaning: pain

Example Sentences:

Quali sono gli ingredienti per fare il pane?
What are the ingredients to make bread?
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È andato al panificio a comprare il pane.
He went to the bakery to buy the bread.
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Andrò al mercato a comprare pane e frutta.
I will go to the market to buy bread and fruit.
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Vado in drogheria a comprare il latte e il pane.
I'm going to the grocery store to buy milk and bread.
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Faccio il pane in casa.
I bake my own bread.
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I cinesi mangiano più riso che pane.
People in China eat more rice than bread.
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