Italian Word: rabbia f.
English Meaning: 1. rabies (disease) 2. anger, fury
German Meaning: Tollwut
Spanish Meaning: la rabia

Example Sentences:

I cani dovrebbero essere vaccinati contro la rabbia.
Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies.
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Il cane dovette essere abbattuto perché aveva contratto la rabbia.
The dog had to be put to sleep because it had contracted rabies.
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Il mio cane ha la rabbia e sapere che non posso aiutarlo mi fa una rabbia!
My dog has rabies and it makes me furious to see that I cannot help him!
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"Non sopporto l'uso di due pesi e due misure", disse con rabbia.
"I don't like double standards," he said angrily.
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"Sei davvero un'ingrata!", disse con rabbia.
"You are so ungrateful!" he said angrily.
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