Italian Word: già
English Meaning: 1. already 2. that's right
German Meaning: schon, bereits

Example Sentences:

La palla è già in macchina.
The ball is already in the car.
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Hai già visto quel film che si chiama La mummia?
Have you seen that movie called The Mummy already?
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L'ho già conosciuto, ma il suo nome mi sfugge.
I've already met him, but his name escapes me.
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È già partito il treno?
Did the train leave already?
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Hai già mangiato?
Have you already eaten?
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Il mio capo è già oltre i 50 di età, ma sembra ancora molto giovane.
My boss is already over 50, but he still looks very young.
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Il nostro bimbo dimostra già un grande interesse per la scienza.
Our little son is already very interested in science.
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