Italian Word: alla
English Meaning: at the, to the (feminine singular)
German Meaning: bei (a + la)

Example Sentences:

Devo stare alla fermata dell'autobus alle tre.
I have to be at the bus stop at three o'clock.
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Paul passa troppo tempo davanti alla televisione.
Paul spends too much time in front of the television.
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Vuoi venire alla festa venerdì?
Would you like to come to the party on Friday?
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I diabetici devono stare attenti alla quantità e alla qualità di cibo che mangiano.
Diabetics must be careful about the quantity and quality of food they eat.
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Vorrei un frappè alla banana, per favore.
I would like a banana milkshake, please.
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Sara ha detto sì alla sua proposta di matrimonio.
Sara said yes to his marriage proposal.
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Alla bambina piace osservare i ragazzi che giocano a calcio.
The girl likes to watch the boys play football.
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Related Words:


1. to, at, in 2. per 3. for 4. with 5. by

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1. the (feminine singular) 2. her (direct object pronoun) 3. you (formal)

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