Italian Word: sera
English Meaning: evening
German Meaning: Abend

Example Sentences:

Ieri sera c'è stato un potente temporale.
Last night there was a powerful storm.
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Hai visto ieri sera quel programma in tv con quel divertente comico?
Did you see that programme on TV last night with that funny comedian?
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L'altra sera sono andata a teatro a vedere "Cats".
The other night I went to the theatre to see "Cats".
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"La febbre del sabato sera" è anche il mio film preferito!
"Saturday Night Fever" is also my favourite film!
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A casa nostra spesso cuciniamo la zuppa con gli avanzi della sera precedente.
In our house, soup is often made from leftovers from the night before.
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La sera sono molto stanco.
I'm very tired in the evening.
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