Italian Word: ieri
English Meaning: yesterday
German Meaning: gestern
Spanish Meaning: ayer
French Meaning: hier

Example Sentences:

L'esame di ieri era difficile.
Yesterday's exam was difficult.
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Ieri sera c'è stato un potente temporale.
Last night there was a powerful storm.
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Dopo gli sforzi di ieri mi è venuto un terribile mal di schiena.
After yesterday's exertions, I got a terrible backache.
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Hai visto ieri sera quel programma in tv con quel divertente comico?
Did you see that programme on TV last night with that funny comedian?
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Ieri ho bevuto dell'infuso di salvia.
Yesterday I drank some sage infusion.
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Ieri mi sono proprio comportato come uno stupido: mi dispiace!
Yesterday I really acted like a fool: I'm sorry!
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Ieri ho incontrato il medico del paese.
Yesterday I met with the village doctor.
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