Italian Word: forte
Plural: forti
English Meaning: 1. strong 2. intense 3. loud
German Meaning: stark

Word Forms: fortissimo

Example Sentences:

Un forte terremoto ha colpito la California la scorsa notte.
A strong earthquake struck California last night.
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Ho un mal di testa molto forte.
I have a very bad headache.
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Una forte scossa di terremoto colpì l'Irpinia il 23 novembre 1980.
A heavy earth tremor hit Irpinia on 23rd November 1980.
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Negli ultimi trent'anni la Malesia ha conosciuto un fortissimo sviluppo economico.
Over the past 30 years, Malaysia has experienced a very strong economic development.
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L'Argentina ha una squadra di calcio molto forte.
Argentina has a very strong football team.
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Volevo uscire col cane, ma piove forte.
I wanted to go out with the dog, but it's raining heavily.
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Ha sentito un forte colpo alla porta.
He heard a loud knock on the door.
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