Italian Word: proprio
Feminine: propria
Plural: propri
Plural (Feminine): proprie
English Meaning: 1. own 2. really 3. just
German Meaning: eigen

Example Sentences:

Ogni paese ha le proprie usanze.
Every nation has its own customs.
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Per quanto si sforzasse, proprio non riusciva a pronunciare quella parola.
No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't pronounce that word at all.
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Mi piacerebbe proprio sapere cosa ti passa per la testa certe volte!
I'd really like to know what's on your mind sometimes!
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Ieri mi sono proprio comportato come uno stupido: mi dispiace!
Yesterday I really behaved like an idiot: I'm sorry!
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Mio nonno sembra proprio Babbo Natale, con quella sua barba folta e bianca.
My grandpa really looks like Santa Claus, with his white full beard.
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Non disturbare papà proprio adesso, non vedi che sta guardando il notiziario?
Don't disturb dad right now, don't you see he's watching the news?
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Nelle impostazioni si può personalizzare il programma secondo le proprie esigenze.
In the settings you can customise the program according to your requirements.
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