Italian Word: offrire
English Meaning: to offer
German Meaning: anbieten
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Word Forms: offerto, offre, offriamo, offrir, offrirle, offrirsi, offrirti, offrirvi, offrite, offro

Example Sentences:

Gli ho offerto un lavoro, ma l'ha rifiutato.
I offered him a job, but he refused it.
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Paolo è entrato nel bar per offrire un caffè a Silvia.
Paul entered the bar to offer Silvia a coffee.
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Buonasera Signor Gucci, posso offrirle qualcosa da bere?
Good evening Mr Gucci, can I offer you something to drink?
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Quali altre competenze è in grado di offrire?
What other abilities have you got to offer?
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Posso offrirti da bere?
Can I buy you a drink?
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Gli è stato offerto il lavoro senza un colloquio.
He was offered the job without an interview.
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Questo ristorante offre il Wi-Fi gratuito.
This restaurant offers free wi-fi.
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