Italian Word: a
English Meaning: 1. to, at, in 2. per 3. for 4. with 5. by
German Meaning: an, in
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Example Sentences:

Nel marzo 1944 la Germania iniziò a occupare l'Ungheria.
In March 1944, Germany started to occupy Hungary.
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Stasera andremo a vedere il tramonto.
Tonight we're going to see the sunset.
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Mio fratello è andato a vivere in Australia.
My brother went to live in Australia.
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Pietro porta il suo cane a passeggio nel parco.
Peter brings his dog for walks in the park.
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Come al solito, mangerò a casa.
As usual, I'll eat at home.
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Grazie a Dio il mio esame è andato bene.
Thank God my exam went well.
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Ho dovuto aspettare a lungo che arrivasse il treno.
I had to wait a long time for the train to arrive.
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