Italian Word: per cento m.
English Meaning: per cent

Word Forms: %

Example Sentences:

Dal momento che gli ordini sono diminuiti, la società ha licenziato il 50% della forza lavoro senza preavviso.
Since orders fell, the company laid off 50% of the workforce without notice.
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Circa il 65 per cento del corpo umano è composto da acqua.
The human body is about 65 per cent water.
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Lo sciopero coinvolge il cinquanta per cento dei treni.
Fifty percent of the trains are affected by the strike.
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È attendibile al 100%?
Is this 100% accurate?
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Il 20% della popolazione mondiale consuma l'80% delle risorse del pianeta.
20% of the world's population consumes 80% of its resources.
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Related Words:


1. in order that 2. times (math multiplication) 3. per 4. to 5. by (math division) 6. as 7. for 8. along

Here: per

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