Italian Word: decidere
English Meaning: 1. to decide 2. to arrange
German Meaning: entscheiden

Word Forms: decidendo, decidermi, decidi, decidono, decise, decisero, deciso

Example Sentences:

Ho deciso di aspettare l'arrivo dell'aereo.
I've decided to wait for the arrival of the airplane.
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Quella situazione lì non mi piaceva per niente, così ho deciso di andarmene.
I didn't like the situation there at all, so I decided to go away.
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Se non ti decidi a rispettare la legge, avrai presto dei grossi guai.
If you're not resolved to respect the law, you're going to be in big trouble soon.
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Non riesco a decidermi perché mi piacciono entrambi.
I can't decide because I like them both.
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Ho sempre desiderato imparare un'arte marziale, quindi ho deciso di andare a lezione di karate durante l'estate.
I've always wanted to learn a martial art, so I've decided to take classes in Karate during the summer.
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Avevamo deciso di incontrarci per pranzo.
We had arranged to meet for lunch.
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Con la tristezza nel cuore decisero di far sopprimere l'animale ferito.
With a heavy heart they decided to put the injured animal to sleep.
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