Italian Word: mattina f.
Plural: mattine
English Meaning: morning
German Meaning: Morgen
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Example Sentences:

Faccio la doccia tutte le mattine.
I take a shower every morning.
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Quella domenica mattina al parco c'erano centinaia di coccinelle.
There were hundreds of ladybirds that sunday morning at the park.
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Ho passato tutta la mattina a riordinare la tua stanza!
I spent the whole morning tidying up your bedroom!
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Odio i lunedì mattina!
I hate Monday mornings!
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Ho aspettato tutta la mattina la consegna dei nuovi mobili.
I've been waiting for the delivery of the new furniture the whole morning.
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Ogni mattina il vicino mi sveglia col suo jodel!
Every morning my neighbor wakes me up with yodeling!
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