Italian Word: di
English Meaning: of, from, about, than, to, with, by
German Meaning: von, aus

Word Forms: d, d', d/', d\'

Example Sentences:

Non ci piace parlare di politica.
We don't like talking about politics.
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Ho deciso di aspettare l'arrivo dell'aereo.
I've decided to wait for the arrival of the airplane.
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Non mi piace l'idea di trasferirmi.
I don't like the idea of moving.
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Il mio amico è vestito di nero.
My friend is dressed in black.
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Alice frequenta un corso di computer.
Alice is taking a computer class.
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Ho bisogno di trovare un lavoro.
I need to find a job.
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Io studio all'Università di Milano.
I study at the University of Milan.
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