Italian Word: della
English Meaning: 1. of the 2. some 3. than (the)
German Meaning: von der (di + la)

Word Forms: dell'

Example Sentences:

La Russia è la nazione più vasta della terra.
Russia is the largest country on earth.
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La capitale della Spagna è Madrid.
Madrid is the capital of Spain.
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Qui c'è il programma della serata.
Here is the programme for the evening.
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Il vaso è sul tavolo della cucina.
The vase is on the kitchen table.
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La capitale della Francia è Parigi.
The capital of France is Paris.
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Non ricordo il nome della strada.
I can't remember the name of the street.
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Il mare della Calabria è sorprendentemente blu.
The sea in Calabria is surprisingly blue.
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Related Words:


of, from, about, than, to, with, by

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1. the (feminine singular) 2. her (direct object pronoun) 3. you (formal)

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