Italian Word: mentre
English Meaning: while
German Meaning: während

Example Sentences:

Adoro ascoltare musica rock mentre guido perché mi tiene sveglio.
I love listening to rock music while driving because it keeps me awake.
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Non fare rumore mentre mastichi.
Don't make noise while chewing.
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Mentre andavo a casa ho incontrato uno zombie.
On my way home I met a zombie.
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Secondo uno studio, le donne sottovalutano la loro intelligenza, mentre gli uomini sopravvalutano la propria.
A study found that women underestimate their intelligence, while men overestimate theirs.
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La maggior parte del tempo ascolto la musica mentre lavoro.
Most of the time I listen to music while working.
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Puoi annaffiare i miei fiori mentre sono in vacanza?
Can you water my flowers while I'm on holidays?
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