Italian Word: il
English Meaning: the (masculine singular)
German Meaning: der, die, das

Example Sentences:

Essere o non essere, questo è il problema.
To be or not to be, that is the question.
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Il suo nuovo spettacolo è stato semplicemente straordinario.
Her new show was simply dazzling.
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Il dottore usa lo stetoscopio per ascoltare il battito del cuore.
The doctor uses the stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat.
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Il mio gatto si arrampica sugli alberi.
My cat climbs trees.
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Stasera andremo a vedere il tramonto.
Tonight we are going to watch the sunset.
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Grazie per il favore.
Thank you for the favour.
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Noi amiamo ascoltare il nostro cantante preferito.
We love to listen to our favourite singer.
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Related Words:


1. the (masculine singular) 2. him, it (direct object)

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1. the (masculine plural) 2. to him 3. to them

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