Italian Word: programma m.
Plural: programmi
English Meaning: 1. program 2. plan
German Meaning: Programm

Example Sentences:

Qui c'è il programma della serata.
Here is tonight's program.
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Hai visto ieri sera quel programma in tv con quel divertente comico?
Did you see that program on TV yesterday evening with that very funny comedian?
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Questo è il mio programma per la giornata.
This is my programme for the day.
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Questo programma non sembra avere alcuna applicazione pratica.
This software doesn't seem to have any practical application.
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Non so come configurare il programma sul mio computer.
I don't know how to configure the programme on my computer.
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E' un bel programma, ma è troppo lungo da scaricare.
It's a good programme, but it takes too long to download.
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Nelle impostazioni si può personalizzare il programma secondo le proprie esigenze.
In the settings you can customise the program according to your requirements.
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