Italian Word: correre
English Meaning: 1. to run 2. to run (a risk) 3. to manage (a business)
German Meaning: laufen

Word Forms: corre, corsi, corso

Example Sentences:

Di solito mi sveglio presto, verso le sei, per andare a correre.
I usually get up early, around six o'clock and go for a run.
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È un tale ipocondriaco! Al primo sintomo corre sempre dal medico.
He's such a hypochondriac! He's always running to the doctor at the first symptom.
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Vorrei poter correre più velocemente.
I wish I could run faster.
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Desidero inoltre sottoscrivere questa polizza, per non correre rischi.
Additionally I would take out this insurance, just to be on the safe side.
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Non essere così pigro. Andiamo a correre!
Don't be so lazy. Let's go jogging!
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Lo struzzo non vola ma corre molto veloce.
The ostrich cannot fly but runs very fast.
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Correre fa bene alla salute.
Running is healthy.
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