Italian Word: macchina f.
Plural: macchine
English Meaning: 1. machine, engine 2. car
German Meaning: 1. Maschine 2. Auto
Spanish Meaning: máquina
French Meaning: machine

Example Sentences:

Ho portato la mia macchina dal meccanico per fare la revisione.
I took my car to the mechanic to have it serviced.
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Come funziona questa macchina?
How does this machine work?
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Ho portato la macchina dal meccanico.
I brought the car to the mechanic.
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La palla è già in macchina.
The ball is already in the car.
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Sono andato dal meccanico per farmi revisionare la macchina.
I went to the garage to have my car serviced.
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Avevamo poca benzina, e la macchina si è fermata subito dopo.
We were low on petrol and the car stopped soon after.
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Mi piacerebbe noleggiare una macchina con il sistema di navigazione satellitare.
I would like to rent a car with a satellite navigation system.
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