Italian Word: prossimo
Feminine: prossima
Plural: prossimi
Plural (Feminine): prossime
English Meaning: next
German Meaning: nächster, nächste

Example Sentences:

Ti va di venire da me a guardare un film sabato prossimo?
Would you like to come around and watch a movie next Saturday?
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L'anno prossimo sarò operata alla laringe all'ospedale di Milano.
Next year I'll have larynx surgery at Milan General Hospital.
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L'anno prossimo visiterò per la prima volta le Filippine.
Next year I will visit the Philippines for the first time.
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Scenderò alla prossima stazione.
I'm getting off at the next station.
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Il mese prossimo farò un viaggio in Asia.
Next month I will be away on a trip to Asia.
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Quando parte il prossimo treno per Roma?
When does the next train to Rome leave?
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Girate a destra al prossimo semaforo.
Turn right at the next traffic light.
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