Italian Word: rischio m.
Plural: rischi
English Meaning: risk, danger
German Meaning: Risiko
Spanish Meaning: el riesgo
French Meaning: risque

Example Sentences:

Evacueremo la popolazione nelle aree a rischio.
We'll evacuate the people in the risk areas.
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A causa del riscaldamento globale, l'orso polare è una specie a rischio estinzione.
As a result of global warming the polar bear is an endangered species.
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Desidero inoltre sottoscrivere questa polizza, per non correre rischi.
Additionally I would take out this insurance, just to be on the safe side.
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Molte specie animali sono a rischio di estinzione.
Many animal species are under threat of extinction.
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La pressione alta aumenta il rischio di ictus.
High blood pressure increases the risk of a stroke.
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L'ha salvata a rischio della propria vita.
He saved her at the risk of his life.
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Questa specie di gorilla è a rischio di estinzione.
This type of gorilla is in danger of extinction.
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