Italian Word: perché
English Meaning: 1. why 2. because
German Meaning: 1. warum 2. weil

Example Sentences:

Adoro ascoltare musica rock mentre guido perché mi tiene sveglio.
I love listening to rock music while driving because it keeps me awake.
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Non esco di casa perché piove.
I won't leave the house because it's raining.
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Spegni le luci perché è ormai giorno.
Turn off the lights because it's daylight by now.
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Il cane dovette essere abbattuto perché aveva contratto la rabbia.
The dog had to be put to sleep because it had contracted rabies.
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Amo l'inverno perché c'è Natale.
I love winter because of Christmas.
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Ieri sono andata dal dentista perché avevo un mal di denti terribile.
Yesterday I went to the dentist because I had a terrible toothache.
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Gli hanno ingessato il braccio perché se l'è rotto.
They've put his arm in plaster because he broke it.
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