Italian Word: male
English Meaning: 1. evil, bad 2. pain
German Meaning: böse, schlecht

Word Forms: mal

Example Sentences:

Parla il francese molto male.
She speaks very bad French.
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I semi di finocchio sono ottimi contro il mal di pancia.
Fennel seeds are good against bellyache.
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Oggi sto male, ho il naso chiuso, mi fa male la testa: credo di essermi preso un raffreddore.
I'm feeling sick today, my nose is all stuffy, my head is aching: I think I've caught a cold.
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Mi sento male oggi, non credo che andrò in ufficio.
Today I'm feeling sick, I don't think I'm going to the office.
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Si sentiva così male che vomitò.
She felt so sick that she vomited.
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Ho fatto qualcosa di male?
Have I done something wrong?
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Non parlare mai male della famiglia reale!
Never speak badly about the royal family!
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