Italian Word: troppo
Feminine: troppa
Plural: troppi
Plural (Feminine): troppe
English Meaning: too much, too many
German Meaning: zu viel

Example Sentences:

Paul passa troppo tempo davanti alla televisione.
Paul spends too much time in front of the television.
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Mio figlio gioca troppo ai videogiochi.
My son plays video games too much.
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Cerca di vivere la tua vita senza assillarti troppo con le opinioni altrui.
Try to live your life without bothering yourself too much with the opinions of others.
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C'è troppo traffico oggi in città.
There is too much traffic in the city today.
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In questa stanza fa troppo caldo, non riesco nemmeno a respirare.
It's too hot in this room, I can't even breathe.
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Ho mal di pancia perché ho mangiato troppi cioccolatini.
I have a stomach ache because I ate too many chocolates.
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Ieri sono andata in quel negozio per comprarmi una giacca di pelle, ma costava troppo.
Yesterday I went into that shop to buy a leather jacket, but it cost too much.
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