Italian Word: purtroppo
English Meaning: unfortunately
German Meaning: leider
Spanish Meaning: desafortunadamente
French Meaning: malheureusement

Example Sentences:

Purtroppo è una malattia incurabile.
Unfortunately, it is an incurable disease.
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Purtroppo lavora fino a tardi stasera.
Unfortunately he/she is working late tonight.
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Ho sentito che hai perso il lavoro, è vero? Purtroppo sì.
I've heard you have lost your job, is that true? Yes, I'm afraid so.
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Purtroppo qui non posso fare arrampicata, il terreno è completamente piano.
Unfortunately I can't go climbing here, the land is completely flat.
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Purtroppo non ho tempo per aiutarti.
Unfortunately I don't have time to help you.
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Volevo far volare l'aquilone, ma purtroppo c'era poco vento.
I wanted to fly my kite, but unfortunately the wind wasn't strong enough.
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Purtroppo non possiamo fare a meno di alzare i prezzi.
Unfortunately we can't avoid raising prices.
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