Italian Word: sembrare
English Meaning: to seem
German Meaning: scheinen, wirken

Word Forms: sembra, sembrano, sembrarono, sembrava, sembravano, sembrerebbe, sembri, sembrò

Example Sentences:

La conosco appena, ma sembra molto gentile.
I hardly know her, but she seems very nice.
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Questo programma non sembra avere alcuna applicazione pratica.
This software doesn't seem to have any practical application.
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Mio nonno sembra proprio Babbo Natale, con quella sua barba folta e bianca.
My grandpa really looks like Santa Claus, with his white full beard.
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Sembra interessante. Di cosa parla?
That sounds interesting. What is it about?
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So che sembra surreale, ma ho incontrato la mia fidanzata ad un funerale.
I know it sounds surreal, but I met my fiancée at a funeral.
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Era talmente bella da bambina che sembrava una bambola.
She was so beautiful when she was a little girl that she looked like a doll.
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Sembrava l'uomo perfetto per Serena, ma non lo era.
He seemed the perfect man for Serena, but he wasn't.
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