Italian Word: dare
English Meaning: to give
German Meaning: geben

Word Forms: dà, dai, dammi, dando, dànno, danno, dante, dar, darà, darai, daranno, darci, darebbe, darebbero, darei, daremmo, daremo, dareste, daresti, darete, darglielo, darmi, darò, darti, date, dati, dato, dava, davamo, davano, davate, davi, davo, demmo, desse, dessero, dessi, dessimo, deste, desti, dette, dètte, dettero, detti, diamo, diano, diate, diede, diedero, diedi

Example Sentences:

Mio padre ci ha dato la sua benedizione.
My father gave us his blessing.
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Il prete diede la sua benedizione allo sposo e alla sposa.
The priest gave his blessing to the groom and bride.
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Non sei neanche capace di darmi una risposta sincera.
You are not even able to give me an honest answer.
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No, grazie. Sto dando solo un'occhiata.
No, thanks. I'm just browsing. (Said in a shop)
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Sono andato al parco a dar da mangiare alle anatre.
I went to the park to feed the ducks.
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È più facile dare un consiglio che riceverlo.
It is easier to give advice than to receive it.
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Quella torta era deliziosa, puoi darmi la ricetta?
That cake was delicious, can you give me the recipe?
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