Italian Word: ricordare
English Meaning: to remember
German Meaning: erinnern

Word Forms: ricorda, ricordando, ricordati, ricordato, ricordavo, ricordi, ricordo

Example Sentences:

Non ricordo il nome della strada.
I can't remember the name of the street.
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Ricordati di spegnere la luce!
Remember to switch off the light!
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Ti sei ricordato di spegnere la luce?
Did you remember to switch off the light?
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Ogni tanto, ricordando la mia giovinezza, provo un'intensa tristezza.
Sometimes, remembering my youth, I feel such overwhelming sadness.
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Per piacere ricorda di chiudere a chiave la porta.
Please remember to lock the door.
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Ti ricordi ancora di me?
Can you still remember me?
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Ti ricordi come si chiama?
Do you remember what his name is?
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